Good well child topics and general parenting guide—a nice “free” web book. 

Thoughtful answers to common questions asked by parents. 

Just plain awesome! A truly cool website on early childhood development and parenting. 

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia website dedicated to informing parents about immunizations and dispelling common myths regarding immunizations.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's breastfeeding guide has a lot of useful information.

Healthy Young People
Another CDC site, this one focusing on nutrition and exercise

Developmental Milestones
The University of Michigan Health System is a great resource. Here is their page on the different stages of your child's life.

Outdoor Play Safety
This University of Michigan site has good advice concerning outdoor and playground safety.

Sleep Safety
Answers to your questions about sleep and your baby

Home Safety
Household accidents are common. Help prevent them using advice from this site!

Car Safety
Safety while driving is important for everyone, but especially with a kiddo or two in the back seat. Buckle up!
Here to help you make the right choices when leaving someone to watch your children.

Best of the Web
A great reference guide to internet information on raising kiddos. The internet is packed with information - make sure yours is reliable!

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